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Aviary™ is Swoop Aero’s autonomous docking station for the fleet, combining landing infrastructure, charging technology, payload exchange, and user interface in a beautiful, architecturally-designed structure to seamlessly scale integrated drone logistics.

Aviary™ is construction ready

Aviary™ represents the key infrastructure automation needed to unlock sustainably scalable drone logistics operations.

By reducing the need for human interaction with aircraft, Aviary™ improves overall system safety, streamlines the end consumer user experience, and enables scalable operations without the need to justify an onsite workforce at network nodes.

Connected into the Swoop Aero application ecosystem; Aviary™ allows Swoop Aero to securely store consignments internally, until access is requested via the Swoop Tracking App or 3rd party integration. The core mechatronic unit can be directly mounted onto new or existing infrastructure and is ready to unlock cities of the future.

Mechatronics fully functional

Architecturally designed

Ready for planning approval submission