is upwards

It all starts
with Kite™

Kite™ truly is a marvel of aerospace engineering. Modelled after the mighty Hercules military transport aircraft, Kite™ is the most adaptable drone in the market, with the ability to perform a huge range of services and carry many different payloads.

Featuring a modular system, Kite™ also maintains FAA certification standards without forgoing the ability to easily conduct in-field maintenance. If you don’t mind us saying so, she’s mighty easy on the eye too.

A platform built from experience

Building on the lessons of over 22,000+ flights, Kite™ provides world-leading range & payload combinations and advanced detect & avoid technology. Kite™’s superior safety profile is built with true fail-safe measures across every system to keep the skies safe.


The Kite can operate in heavy rain, 100% humidity, and within temperatures between - 10 and 55 c.


The Kite's digital parachute enables triple flight controller redundancy on every system.


The Kite offers seamless multirole capability, switching between transport, live video, mapping, and SAR configurations.

Internal payload

The Kites have pass-through payload capability, with top and bottom payload access, enabling hand or automated dispatch, winch, and drop.


The Kite's modular design allows for easy in-field maintenance to be conducted while maintaining FAA certification standards.