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Our mission

Our mission is to deploy drone networks that realise the next giant leap in how essential supplies and services are delivered.

Our plans for growth

Continuous tech development

With a continuous focus on the growth of our multirole capability, we look to integrate new offerings into our existing technology infrastructure to better serve the community.

Sunset Drone
Strengthen our impact

Building a local Victorian capability and a supply ecosystem has always been the centre of our work. We continue strengthening upstream jobs across the industry, conversely working with our strategic partners to foster new talent development for the Victorian market.

Expand our reach

We are expanding our operations daily, adding new locations within our existing networks, growing our global footprint, and creating new opportunities for talent development.

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Our drone networks will unlock the sky for 1 billion people by 2030

Our 2030 goal timeline

Leadership Team

Deploying sustainable and scalable networks require us to continually seed and grow the most unique blend of trusted and passionate specialists on the planet.

Thanks to the strength of our commercial, operations, and technology leadership, we’ve built a global reputation for creating long-term partnerships and transforming the way the world moves.