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Our physical assets and vertically-integrated software suite provide the complete infrastructure for drone logistics at scale. It’s already proven, with real customers across the globe.

We offer end-to-end product control and a seamless user experience. Many of our competitors use multiple complex systems and aircraft types to achieve the same result, which comes with unnecessary risk and complexity. A fully integrated system means no need for plugins or external dependencies, making our services more secure and drastically more affordable.

The next generation in airborne logistics

Our integrated technology infrastructure

The Swoop Aero aircraft, docks and other physical assets work in perfect harmony with our powerful software suite, making it the most complete infrastructure for drone logistics at scale in the market, and it’s proven in the real world. It provides end-to-end control of product, ensuring a wonderfully seamless user experience.

The ‘Digital Twin,’ - an exact replica of each of our aircraft’s onboard analytics, movements and functionality provides unparalleled control and safety functionality.

Native from the ground up

Our vertically-integrated platform combines all elements of the value chain into one technology and infrastructure offering, allowing customers to scale their operations with ease.